Hours Manifesto

March 4, 2010

ChickiePoo’s can be found at 209 West Main Street in beautiful Madison, Indiana. The one thing about ChickiePoo’s that we won’t change is the location but the trickier and more mutable aspect of ChickiePoo’s is exhibited in the hours.

Obviously, patrons require set hours. Some Madisonians realize that a business with set hours may still not be open.  To avoid saying one thing and then doing another our hours have been intentionally left murky and ambivalent.

This hesitency to set hours comes from our interesting staff.  We operate a fully functioning, in-house-made-food, , lunch and dinner restaurant with two people and two children, under the age of 10. Some people may need to calibrate their atomic clocks, but it ain’t tough to figure out that with these four people and this restaurant that something might come up that would prevent us from being a certain place at a certain time.

If you stop by and the place is open then come in. If you stop by and it isn’t, then come back. Remember that in our time off we’re going to the hospital for chemotherapy and blood transfusions, so some things need to get done during the days we’re open. Obviously that isn’t going to be forever, chemotherapy treatments end, one way or another.

I would love to tell you that we are staffed exactly from the hours of 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, but that would not be fair to you. BECAUSE, well, we might not be there, we might be napping or shopping or cleaning or well, just gone to the library.

Does this seem unfair to the customer?  Do you say, “ChickiePoo’s needs to be available all the time.”?   Or do you say, “I need an exact time. Tell me when you’re open.”  Well, then…for you I have nothing.

We strive to be a neighborhood restaurant that can feasibly be a place to eat everyday but until then, you can eat Thursday, Friday and Saturday for lunch or dinner.  (This of course are the hours we’re open to the public, for special events and catering please contact us.)



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