Changing Menu

March 6, 2011

Interestingly, a changing menu can provide a variety of food styles and preparations. However, the drawback to a changing menu is that it can’t change as frequently if people aren’t consuming the food. As a 14-seat restaurant we make small quantities of each dish. The market provides entertainment for us as a restaurant by trying to guess what and when will be a big day.  Even with phenomenal food, respectable prices and a growing fan base,  this winter will be a make or break season. Our philosophy, EAT HERE NOW is more than a marketing campaign, it provides a method of dining or even living. The  point of Power is only in the present moment.

Typically, our menu will contain  a beef, pork, and chicken dish that could be supplemented with a lamb, duck, goose or some other delectable items. This, you may say, seems like an unchanging menu, yet, the difference pop-ups in the sauces, garnishes and such. Keep coming in so the menu will keep changing, otherwise instead of  a menu that changes daily, we end up with a menu that changes weekly. Putting off eating at the best restaurant in Madison could mean that you miss it!

Keep my life exciting, taste the flavors of the day!


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