Because our ChickiePoo travels on the chemotherapy treatment pathway for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia we open this restaurant in her honor.

Being surrounded by constant activity in our home kitchen, her inclination to grow-up to be a chef developed. However, the problem she unwittingly faces is the possibility of not growing up. The survival rate  for her leukemia is 85 to 90% at the five year mark. Ultimately, because anything can happen, sooner rather than later became our mantra. We created ChickiePoo’s to provide a family business to be together.

Most children live in the moment, and all cancer parents realize that the moment to love and live is in the present moment, therefore the overall theme of ChickiePoo’s is

Eat Here Now!

Even though she will obviously not be the working Chef of ChickiePoo’s, her input is invaluable. For example, she and her sister GG convinced their kitchen-veteran-father, Chef Lucien Gregor, to name the restaurant ChickiePoo’s.



One Response to “About ChickiePoo”

  1. Cindy Lou said

    So happy for your lil ChickiePoo…. but also so sad for my pallate. Hope you guys find a long happy healthy family life. Also wishing you great success in your future endeavors!

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