January 13, 2010

The ChickieFUZZ Challenge, occurring tomorrow night at two locations, fast approaches. The posters are hung, the clippers are sharp, the food is planned, now we just have to


Family members and co-workers have been pitted against each other in this battle for hairlessness.  Local business owner Geoff Walburn of Rivertown Chiropractic has volunteered his locks, and rumor has it that a couple of local attorneys may be sporting new hair-dos.

The importance of raising awareness ranks the ChickieFUZZ Challenge as a life-changing event—just as cancer was for our family last year. Many, many, many people told me,

“There is NO WAY I could shave my head.”

By allowing ourselves to get buzzed we have brought only one of the many side effects of cancer/chemotherapy into the public eye. Anyone suffering through cancer treatments knows that the side effects of the medications can create lots of pain, aches, sickness. Baldness, which should be an easy one, actually causes some great pain. Just ask those ladies who told me that they could never shave their hair.  The ChickieFUZZ Challenges encourages people to consider what life is like without hair, when their only concern is how long it would take to grow out, not whether or not the treatments will “work.”

  • Silent Auction & appetizers at ChickiePoo’s 209 West Main Street starts at 5:00 pm.
  • Head Shavings at Rusted Roots, 321 Mulberry Street clippers on at 6:00 pm
  • Dinner at ChickiePoo’s starts at 7:30
  • Silent auction completed at 8:00.  One need not be present to win, but must leave a contact number.


Thanks to @dloehr for suggesting this fantabulous phrase.

Thanks to all those who have donated for the Silent Auction and to all of those who have collected pledges, made pledges and who will attend this event.

Thanks to all of you who will attend in spirit.

Thanks to all of those who are reading this.


ChickieFuzz Challenge

December 30, 2009

The ChickieFuzz Challenge

A fundraiser to show our kid that BALD IS BEAUTIFUL.

January 14th marks ChickiePoo’s diagnosis date. For ONE YEAR  Isa has lived without hair. People stare, people say she is beautiful, people say………’Gee wish I was bald.’    …Ha. No they don’t.

This event will contain lots of hair,  or shall I say,  loss of hair!

Easy peasy here’s how >>>>

  • Collect pledges
  • Shave head
  • Collect and donate money

It works like this, tell people that you’re going to shave your head, (they say, yeah right, then you say, no really, and it goes on like this….) finally you say.. “Okay,  you pledge some money and when I come back with no hair you give it to me.”

Not a dash for cash, no one has to run anywhere, and no one gets hurt doing this.  IT IS JUST HAIR… it will grow back.  Live life on the edge, go for skin.

All the cool people in Madison are BALD!

You decide how much your bald head is worth.  You decide a minimum pledge. You make it happen!

All day January 14th will be a celebration of life—fantastic and phenomenal life!

Luckily for us Tricia McDowell plans to document these proceedings with her camera. My guess is she could sell you prints of your former locks.

The world is working beautifully because  the amazing April Combs of April Eight and the Honneycombs, will play solo.  Her recent work contains both grown-up music and music for all-ages, (as in kid friendly).  Thank you thank you thank you.

The one who will bare the bald, Kim Kidwell Lytle,  has GRACIOUSLY committed to relieving you of the burden of all that hair. Not only has she volunteered her services she has volunteered her space. Rusted Roots, 321 Mulberry, Madison Indiana at 6PM. ChickieFuzz will sweep up your locks OR… if you believe strongly enough perhaps donate them to Locks of Love.

Here I go guessing again, but Chef Lucien at ChickiePoo’s could share some culinary delights with the shorn.

Become a fan of ChickiePoo’s at Facebook and please sign the guest book at the event page for ChickieFuzz Challenge.

Currently ChickieFuzz administrators are looking for items to be donated for a silent auction.

Comment below or at Facebook for details Email me for donation information. chickiepoos at gmail (dot) com.