Remember Chef loves to change the menu, without your participation the menu items rotate more slowly.

If you have not visited here you may not know that besides grilling, roasting and sauteing Chef also bakes the bread, the desserts and sometimes whips the cream by hand!  Additionally, he creates, by hand, each and every agnolotti or ravioli, and often the noodles for the stews. Nearly all of the pasta served at ChickiePoo’s has been made by hand.

Chef’s goal to bring visitors to Madison for gastronomic tourism starts by keeping food standards high while keeping the environment comfortable for the patrons and was helped this month by Midwest Living with a mention on their website as well as in their March/April publication.

Thanks to Kendra Williams for writing about Madison with a nod to ChickiePoo’s.


Hot Stuff

April 8, 2010

A local winery here in Madison created a festival based around Hot Stuff, namely chile. Sponsored in conjunction with a local chile grower, this festival includes a salsa contest, a pot-luck and and vendors.

Taking this theme for our week-end menu you’ll see red (and green) as Chef Lucien pulls out the chile for a round of Hot Spicy Stuff.  Items like Carnitas and Shrimp Diablo dot our menu today. I doubt that he will stop there.

So before visiting the Fiery Foods Expo >>>> EAT. HERE. NOW <<<<<<  get your spice on then go and check out the vendors!