ChickiePoo Admitted to Riley

December 29, 2009

ChickiePoo admitted to Riley hospital at 8:00 Monday night.

Her fever rose quickly which could indicate a number of different and dangerous problems, or none at all.  Her admission could change the plans for the entire week-end because even though two days is the typical minimum that Isa could stay, it could be longer. If her immunity continues to be low, or if she develops an infection or continues to run a fever then she will remain an in-patient at Riley Hospital.

She may not have any visitors other than family, and none under 15. This means that only one parent will stay with her while the other parent stays with GG at home.  At this time Isa and Papa/Chef wait in the ER for a room in the 5th floor Oncology Department.

Because ChickiePoo’s, the restaurant, runs with just two adults, having one gone closes the operation. Thanks in advance for your patience with regards to ChickiePoo’s being closed. We will be open again as soon as we can.

In lieu of selling food this week-end perhaps we will organize a donation drive!!   Anyone want to pledge money for some head shavings?  I’ll shave mine if you shave yours.  Madison could be filled with bald people in honor of ChickiePoo!

January 12 marks the one year anniversary of preliminary diagnosis of leukemia. So in honor of ChickiePoo lets go bald for the new year!