December 16, 2009


Next Menu

November 2, 2009

Did you get excited?  I thought you might. The next menu isn’t quite ready yet, but I imagine that it will rock.  Next week there may be less help from ChickiePoo herself because she starts a new round of chemo tomorrow. She will still be present so we must remember…




To keep her healthy we’d appreciate you keeping your hands (and germs) to yourself.  So along these same lines, if you have a fever, chills or body aches please come back a different day.


October 25, 2009

The importance of 11 at ChickiePoo’s becomes stronger everyday.

  • First it was the sum of the numbers of the address, 209.
  • Then we decided to open in November, the 11th month.
  • We made it quirkier by adding the 11th as opening day, the original due date of ChickiePoo the girl.
  • A quick trip to everyone’s friendly periodic table tells us that the element associated with the number 11 is Sodium, Na.

But this one’s got 11 and 11 and 11 and 11.