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Pie Pie’s Pizza in the Park

Yummy, yummy, it is a party in my tummy..







Going Local

November 10, 2009

Thanks to Victoria at Going Local for the fantastic post she shared with her readers. Like she mentions in the article I just wanted to get a listing on her website and ended up with a feature. Thanks again! And thanks to all of those friends who will be either attending in spirit or in person our Grand Opening.

Oh, and there seemed to be a problem getting grandma to play Grand Ole Opry tunes on a baby grand. So it looks like we might just have food.

Thanks for reading.

Score! Mugs Galore

October 13, 2009

Not exactly sure how to decide which mug to use. But, there will be some very seriously fantastic mugs to use at ChickiePoo’s. You will want to order tea or coffee just to see which one we pull off the wall for you.

Opening Date Set

October 10, 2009

 The original ChickiePoo’s due date was 11/11/05.

Pulling a Shot

October 4, 2009

The intricacies of espresso outnumber the simplicities. In other words, getting a good tasting cup of coffee is tough. Kudos to Mikel at Pony Expresso for being a master at her craft.

This morning passed with us tasting and tossing. Never-the-less the caffeine from those tastes surges through my veins. It ought to be an interesting morning.


October 2, 2009

Lack of funding exists as the major reason most new businesses fail. No wonder! Because just to get the electric and gas turned on the deposit will be $1200.00—all due on the first bill.  Without help from outside this restaurant won’t even open.

Facebook Request

October 2, 2009

A lot of people ask for people to join their fan pages, we’re asking for flatware and coffee cups.

Maybe it is unorthodox, but it will work.