May 10, 2014

Chef Gregor Williams and his wife divorced.  

He moved to NY state working a wonderful permanent seasonal job.  His kids live most of the year with his ex-wife  Nothing on this site has any reason to exist, but deleting it permanently seems so sad. The time at Chickiepoo’s was incredibly difficult on all of us.  Chef was stressed by the work, I was stressed by the work, the kids were stressed by being at work, and of course we were all dealing with ChickiePoo’s cancer treatments. 

If you’ve come to this site from a link he has provided, please note that he is not the author of this blog. He was only the creative genius behind the food production and the physical labor that made it all happen.    


Branching Out

January 9, 2012

While not quite like a tree, but never the less going in new directions.  Chef Lucien Gregor plans to grow in 2012. Not in size mind you but in the shameless self-promotion.  Although ChickiePoo’s has closed he will start muTABLEearth this spring.

Welcome to our NEW THING >>>>

Pie Pie’s Pizza in the Park

Yummy, yummy, it is a party in my tummy..






It’s been fun… it’s been real…AND >>>  it’s been real fun! 

ChickiePoo received her last dose of chemotherapy on Sunday night, on Mother’s day.  On Monday, May 9th, her 5 and a half birthday, the oncologists gave us the news that she was officially and permanently finished with ALL 0331 treatment protocol.  Her cancer treatments are over. She made it through.

She made it through because of ChickiePoo’s.  This restaurant, a huge boon to her during her treatments, created a chef, albeit a tiny chef, but she’s come into her own in the kitchen. If you’ve not seen the Facebook photos of her making tortillas then check it out now.

With that we must bid adieu!  ChickiePoo was a nickname formed out of love for a fuzzy-headed-little-chemo-chickie. A little chickie who we named at a time when we had no idea if she’d survive the treatment, much less the cancer. It has been a long long long road, and we’ve come to a fork. (A nice silver fork at that! )   And it’s time to follow the other tine!

Alright enough with the fork imagery here.

We weren’t joking when we’d shout

Eat Here Now!

Because if you didn’t eat here when you had the chance, then you’ve missed it. ChickiePoo’s is now closed.  Our last customers came and enjoyed their last meals on Saturday.  But in sneaky fashion, the same way any last moment sneaks up on you, our customers had no idea they were eating their last ChickieMeal!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting us and we look forward to serving you in a new and exciting way!

You never know what you’ll find!

Not sure how’d she’d feel about being called a GranChickie, but that is what she was, a Great GranChickie. But, now she’s gone. Some of you may have been lucky enough to meet her at ChickiePoo’s drinking a cup of coffee.  My heart aches tonight, and not sure what our schedule for this weekend will be.  Right now, with Easter looming on Saturday, and the funeral at some point in the very near future, we’ve discussed being closed for the entire weekend.

If anyone was planning on coming from out of town, please comment or send us an email at ChickiePoos AT gmail (dot) com. The discussion is still open, and I am curious about what the survey says.  But quite frankly I haven’t the patience to create a poll right now. So just leave a comment if you want ChickieFood this weekend.


April 8, 2011

And I ain’t talking about trailers here…. at least not yet.

Pop-up restaurants have become quite popular, especially on the east coast in places like New York and Boston. These restaurants may take over a space for a limited time, as little as one night, or even a longer span, like 9-months. Not only has this trend begun in the US, it also is gaining popularity in other nations.

Interestingly, Madison has had its very own pop-up restaurant, ChickiePoo’s.  Nearly the entire premise of the place was based on ChickiePoo herself.  As a leukemia kid who wished to be a chef, her father made it happen. Over the many months since opening on Main Street in Madison, Indiana ChickiePoo has had ups and downs, as has the restaurant itself, but her cancer treatments will be over soon. And leaves us wondering, what about ChickiePoo’s.

Do you wonder about ChickiePoo’s?  April looks like a great month to find out more.

Protesting Time Change

April 4, 2011

Okay, it’s been a month now and we’re still shaken by the time change. Some of you say, change your clock and forget about it. BUT, I simply cannot. My body feels all out of sorts, I get up and I’m already behind on my day. Our patrons stomachs haven’t changed, those hungry tummies are showing up like clockwork, an hour later than usual, but actually at the same time as before.

Does any of this make sense?

What I’m sayin’ is… we’re not changing time.   Our bodies didn’t like the new hours so we’re changing them back. Seriously!

From today until November 6 our hours will be 12-3 and 6-9.



Slow down…

March 19, 2011

Chef has created a new page on Facebook to discover how much interest this community has in Slow Food. If you’re local and interested in joining this group please follow the link and click “Like”

The Tao of ChickieCookery Level I

April 29-30, 2011

Introductory Course covering the basic Philosophy of the Tao of ChickieCookery

Knife care and skills, proper cooking techniques for green vegetables, root vegetables, rice, caramelizing onions, vegetable stock making, pan frying potatoes.

Topics also covered:  quality and condition criteria of vegetables, science of good cooking, sustainable healthful living, and seasonality. Necessary random tangents that become apparent during the course of the day.

Friday: Five-Course Dinner at ChickiePoo’s

Saturday: 8-1pm. Hands on Structured Learning Sessions (includes Lunch)

Session $95, Payment required to reserve your spot (limit 8 peeps)

Yes it is March, and for those of you who do not know it…this is when the Sugarwater really gets to flowing.  No I don’t mean Koolaide.  Maple sugar water, which is then boiled down to make maple syrup and Maple sugar.  To celebrate this beautiful fact of life in the Northern Western Hemisphere, ChickiePoo’s is having their MAPLE MAPLE MAPLE Weekend.  Now that the juices are flowing we will be celebrating a style of cooking originating a little closer to home.

The Native Americans originally showed the European Settlers how to tap the trees, collect the sap, boil it down.  Wow, what a great source of raw sugar.

We were closed last week-end because we participated with the judging and the preparation of the youth division recipe contest of the Sweet Victory Challenge at this year’s National Maple Syrup Festival in Medora, Indiana.